The Employment and Education Unit supports members who are actively seeking employment or education.

The E&E unit offers assistance with writing resumes and job applications, job-interviewing skills, test-taking and studying skills, basic computer skills and any pre-vocational preparation.  

The E&E Unit is also responsible for overseeing the Transitional Employment Program (TEP), a uniquely designed best-practice program in which the Clubhouse secures part-time entry-level jobs at local businesses and supports members in gaining paid work experience for 3-9 months.


  • Coaches and supports a Clubhouse member in that position for 3-9 months

  • Members aspiring to gain employment experience can apply for the TEP and will be chosen by an Employment Committee, thus foregoing the intensive regular application and interview process of independent employment.

  • The member will then be trained at the business.

  • The member is paid as a regular employee of that organization.

  • A cost-effective, dependable and creative source of labor for Tucson employers

  • Opens doors to employment for responsible, hard-working, individuals

  • A stepping stone for people with disabilities who are able and want to work again

  • Helps individuals gain real world job experience and feedback from employers

  • Our Place Clubhouse staff initially learns the job duties from the employer. Our staff will train the members that the employer hires from the Clubhouse candidate pool.

  • Our staff provides preliminary on-site training and ongoing support as needed.

  • Our staff visits the job site regularly to make sure things are going well; helps resolve any problems that may arise.

  • If the T.E. employee is absent for any reason, another staff or member will work the regularly scheduled shift at no cost to the employer.

  • T.E. Placements last 3-9 months. If an employer has a full–time position available, that can be divided for two participants who will share the job.

  • At the completion of the placement, if the employer is satisfied, we will place another candidate automatically into the open position. 

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