Our Place Clubhouse is a psych-social rehabilitation center for adults recovering from serious mental illnesses. The internationally recognized Clubhouse model is a non-clinical program which helps members to gain self-worth, purpose and confidence within the structure of a work-ordered day.

Members work side by side with staff to complete daily organizational tasks, engage in meaningful work experiences, and socialize. Our Place also offers supported transitions into community-based employment. We work closely with local business owners through employment and volunteering to create a positive and diverse working relationship with our community. We focus daily on building active support networks with local behavioral health agencies, families, friends and fellow advocates in order to fight the stigma that affects people recovering from serious mental illness. At the Clubhouse, members can also find support for issues such as housing, benefits, financial and educational needs, case-management, crisis intervention and more. Our Place provides structured unpaid work experiences in an environment similar to industry settings. All Clubhouse work activities are vital to the success of the entire program.

The Clubhouse Guarantees are:

A right to a place to come.

A right to meaningful work.

A right to meaningful relationships.

A right to a place to return to.

Who is the Clubhouse for?

The Clubhouse is open to all individuals with mental illness, whatever their degree of disability. Access to Clubhouse services exists as long as the member wants and needs them; once a member, always a member.

How do I join?

We welcome visitors! We will gladly schedule tours and provide information about the Clubhouse. If you decide you are interested in becoming a member, you can click here to start the process.



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