5/6/2019 On Saturday, May 4, Our Place Clubhouse and sister program Café 54 participated in the annual Tucson Palooza, a high-energy family-friendly event that brought together diverse agencies from across Tucson and Pima County to deliver useful information in a fun, informal setting.


Our Place Clubhouse is a community of mutual support for adults in mental health recovery. Based on NYC's Fountain House, the Clubhouse model empowers members to achieve their goals in a non-clinical, collegial setting.

HOW DOES Our Place Clubhouse WORK?

Clubhouse members, referred through the public behavioral health system, voluntarily participate in any of several Clubhouse units, including ReThreads Thrift. Through their cooperative efforts, members run the Clubhouse, ensuring that operations continue smoothly, thereby empowering themselves, taking control of their own recoveries, and rehabilitating into the greater community.

Our Place members make consensus decisions about the program as colleagues, and choose when and how they participate in the Clubhouse, dismantling the stigma of their illnesses and reclaiming their voices.

Access to the Clubhouse exists as long as the member wants: once a member, always a member.

For more about Clubhouses in general and Our Place's history, click here.


You can spread the message that people with mental illness are essential members of our community! You can also donate here.

How do I join?

We'd love to have you! If you decide you are interested in becoming a member, you can click here to start the process or stop by in person to complete a self-referral form. We are happy to schedule tours and provide information about the Clubhouse.

Our Place is conveniently located downtown, near the Ronstadt Transit Center, and our business hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 am—4:30 pm.


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