Mosh for Mental Health Concert to Benefit CTF Programs!

You're invited to Mosh for Mental Health on Friday, September 7, at the Rialto Theatre! Six of Tucson's favorite heavy metal bands will play to benefit CTF's employment programs, including Cafe 54 and Our Place Clubhouse. Pick up your $5 tickets at Cafe 54, at ReThreads, from the Rialto, or from participating bands. Doors open 6:30 pm. Hosted by the Tucson Maidens of Metal and Local Love.

Christmas Day Celebration

Hello, OPC members at large! You're invited to this year's Christmas dinner. As usual, we hold it the day of the holiday, on Monday, December 25. You can come at noon for the meal, or as early as 8:30 am to help prepare the food and spend time with your colleagues. Guests are welcome. RSVP is recommended, but not necessary (call the Clubhouse at 884-5553). Hope to see you there!

Following up on distilled water

I prefer to have distilled water because I read up on the negative effects of fluoride in our tap water.  Even the filtered water does not live up to its hype. From what I read and been told none of the filters on the market remove any of the fluoride. This is my research and I encourage you to do your own.  I'm trying improve my own health. I want to know what is going into my body. Let's all get healthy together.  Here is a little joke to add some healthy laughter.....A jumper cable walks into a bar and asks for a beer. The bartender says Okay! but don't START anything!!

Janet ;)

Coyote TaskForce Block Party 2017

Thanks to everyone who attended Coyote TaskForce's first annual fundraising event! 

An especially huge thanks to our sponsors for the event:

Your support is vital to our mission of serving Tucson's community!

A special thanks to photographer Takara N. Tatum for her skills and time at the event. Here are a few photos from the event—check them out and save the date for next year!

Proceeds benefited Coyote TaskForce's employment support services for adults in recovery from mental illness.