the clubhouse movement

The Clubhouse movement began in 1948 with the founding of Fountain House in New York City. The model has since expanded to be internationally recognized as a best-practice non-clinical program to empower and support individuals with serious mental illness in their recovery process. 

There are currently over 325 Clubhouses worldwide. The innovative model follows a specific and unique set of standards set forth by the International Center for Clubhouse Development (ICCD). For further information about the Clubhouse model or to find the nearest Clubhouse near you, please visit

“Fountain House was established as an intentional community for men and women who had histories of psychiatric illness. It was unique in the world of mental health in many important ways. Unlike other programs for men and women with mental illness, Fountain House was founded on the premise that Clubhouse “members” could work productively and have socially satisfying lives in spite of their mental illness.”  -ICCD

Our history

Coyote TaskForce (CTF) is a 501-C3 non-profit organization whose mission is to provide vocational and pre-vocational services for adults recovering from chronic and persistent mental illness. CTF was established by a group of clubhouse members, mental-health workers, families and advocates as a consumer-run business and was awarded the contract to run Our Place Clubhouse in November 1992.  For twenty years, Coyote TaskForce has been under the direction of Mindy Bernstein who holds over 30 years of clinical and administrative experience working with adults who have serious mental illnesses. Our Place is a proud owner of its own facilities, a unique space designed by both staff and members to be a professional and non-clinical work setting. Our Place is conveniently located downtown at 66 E. Pennington St. and provides direct access to and from the central bus station.


Our Place Clubhouse gives me a place to come get out of the house and have friendships.
— Carol

the work-ordered day

Our Place Clubhouse is comprised of five different work units that are responsible for running the clubhouse. Each unit offers different opportunities for members to utilize their personal strengths and interests to work side by side with staff in a supported environment.  The variety of unit work is designed for members to gain the confidence and skills that will support their recovery. Every task is available for any member to participate in, regardless of skill-level or experience. All organizational decisions in the Clubhouse are made with full community consensus at program and community meetings held twice a week.

Our Place is open on all holidays and maintains regular business hours Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4pm and Saturday, 10am-2pm. Members also have the opportunity to join the Clubhouse in weekly social activities which include picnics, movies, dinner-out, arts and crafts and more.